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How do you know you are out?

  • Not as easy a question as you would imagine. Simply being hit by a paintball is not enough, These conditions have to apply. A paintball has to hit you and break. A ball that bounces off you does not count unless you call yourself out before you check. You cannot call yourself out and then back in. This creates confusion and can lead to people throwing large inanimate objects at you. A hit above the level of the chin ( head shot) does not count. Unless you call yourself out etc. A paintball that hits a tree and 'splatters' on you does not count. A shot on the gun does not count. So simply put any pellet that hits your body and breaks is a hit and you are out.

What if I am shot at the start of the game?

  • Don't worry we play a rule called the tag rule. This works as follows: if you are out, hold your gun above your head so the other players know that you are eliminated and don't keep shooting you. Call for a 'tag' from one of your own team. (If someone on the other team comes to tag you don't stop them, it means they did not listen at the safety briefing and deserve to suffer)
  • One of your team mates must then touch or 'tag' you to bring you back alive. This is where the guy who didn't listen at the safety lecture starts to suffer as you light him up. While waiting for a tag you may not give major field briefings to your team mates, you may only call for a tag.
  • Giving a run down on the oppositions field positions while you are waiting for a tag can also result in inanimate objects doing their airplane imitations as they are thrown at you. If you are waiting for a tag and the opposition shoot you again for the fun of it, then you are also back in the game. A member of your own team may not shoot you back alive.
  1. Safety mask nyst be worn at all times during the game or while on the playing fieldSafety masks must be worn at all times during game play and while on the playing field. At no stage may a player remove his or her goggles without the express permission of a marshal. Should you be shot on the goggles or your goggles mist up to such an extent that you cannot see, call a referee marshal who will assist you. This is the most important rule which is why it is rule number one. Any player found lifting his or her goggles will be considered to be "out" and will only be able to resume play during the next game.
  2. IE any shot above the level of the chin. Please do not deliberately shoot another player above this line.
  3. When off the field the supplied barrel plug must be inserted into the Paintball marker, and the Paintball markers must be carried by the gas cylinder pointing towards the ground.
  4. When at ranges closer than 5 meters the 'freeze' rule must be applied. This means that instead of shooting the opposing player you must ask them to freeze (submit). The 'frozen player has two choices.
    1. They can accept the freeze and accept that that they are out.
    2. They can ignore the 'freeze' and go for you. At this point, they have chosen to take the shot and are fair game.
  5. The following people are not to be shot at under any circumstances.
    • Anyone who is not wearing a mask.
    • Anyone who is not playing the game.
    • Any referee or marshal.
    • Anyone who is already 'out'
    • Spectators

These are the safety rules and game formats at S.W.A.T. Paintball

We are done for our safety and we would like to keep it that way as we do not let someone use the facility if not playing buy our rules. We provide fun and make sure that you don’t get hurt in the process.

We use a soft paintball that splash easily and all paintball markers is set to an medium setting.

Age Restriction:

We are very popular for kid’s parties and the recommended age is from 10 year up or at least 1, 2 m high as some children do not fit into the Safety equipment.

Paintball is an Extreme sport, and as such certain safety rules have to apply. You will notice that there are only a 5 safety rules, but we take them very seriously.

Before each game session the Referee Chief Marshal holds a safety briefing where he will go through the rules with all players to ensure that they are understood.

Everyone will sign an indemnity form.

Safety Briefing duration and equipment supply will take +/- 15 min