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  • Only 4 to 5 small Paintball markers will be used between rounds
  • Players will be divided into 2 to 4 Teams that will compete for the highest score over different games and best time trails
  • Players will be dressed in a real Army Camo Jacket and Army Helmet to create the idea of been in the Army (Note: Some gear might not fit as theĀ jackets could be too big etc)
  • Safety gear will be needed once more than one player play on the field and will not shoot each other this is only applicable for the last team group game.
  • Each player will receiveĀ  paintballs and will be divided as follow:
    • Paintballs for Target Practice area
    • Paintballs for Target Point Trail game
    • Paintballs for Target Time Trail game
    • Paintballs for Target Flag Capture Trail game
  • If any player has paintballs left after the Flag Capture trail they can finish their paintball bullets on targets or play any of the other games again.
  • Before and after each round the paintball referee will do a complete briefing on each game
  • Max of 20 players and min of 8 players

Warm up game