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Teams will start at base point together in formation once referee signals the team must shoot as many targets on their way to capture the flag at a central point. Once flag is captured the time clock will stop.
Each team will be time per mission and targets shot will be calculated.
The team with the highest target hit and quickest time will win this round.
Note: Safety mask will be worn for this trail as there are more than one player on the field playing at once.

Teams will compete against each other to see how the fastest gun in Somerset West.

Each player will have 2 rounds to shoot taken between play area tyres.

Once a target is hit they can go to the next set of targets once all the targets are hit the time clock will stop.

Three set of different target area will be allocated

We will calculate how was the fastest gun and which team had the best time trial.

The area consists of 3 stands targets with circles big, medium and small Targets will be placed at different distances 10m 12m 15m etc.
Each player will have a chance to generate as many points as possible for a team with 50 paintballs each.

  • Small circle count 50 points
  • Medium circle counts 20 points
  • Big circle counts 10 points

After each player had a chance to taken point trail, all there points will be calculated together for their team.
Once everyone had a chance to shoot we move to the briefing area to be briefed for the TARGET Time Trail game.

  • Only 4 to 5 small Paintball markers will be used between rounds
  • Players will be divided into 2 to 4 Teams that will compete for the highest score over different games and best time trails
  • Players will be dressed in a real Army Camo Jacket and Army Helmet to create the idea of been in the Army (Note: Some gear might not fit as theĀ jackets could be too big etc)
  • Safety gear will be needed once more than one player play on the field and will not shoot each other this is only applicable for the last team group game.
  • Each player will receiveĀ  paintballs and will be divided as follow:
    • Paintballs for Target Practice area
    • Paintballs for Target Point Trail game
    • Paintballs for Target Time Trail game
    • Paintballs for Target Flag Capture Trail game
  • If any player has paintballs left after the Flag Capture trail they can finish their paintball bullets on targets or play any of the other games again.
  • Before and after each round the paintball referee will do a complete briefing on each game
  • Max of 20 players and min of 8 players

Warm up game