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Does it hurt?

Yes it hurts no worse than the sting from a squash ball, but even so our experience has shown that with the amount of adrenaline flowing through the players bodies, they hardly feel it.

Is it safe?

Yes, very. American insurance statistics have shown that it is safer to play Paintball than to play golf or go fishing. Safety rules are strictly enforced at all reputable playing fields worldwide. Obviously if a player is out of sight of a referee and removes his goggles then he is looking for trouble.

What should I wear?

Long trousers and long sleeved shirts are highly recommended the more clothes the less you will feel the paintball hit. Army cameo Jackets will be available from time to time we have limited stock and limited by size. Bright colours should be avoided purely because the more visible you are the easier it will be to shoot you. Good quality hiking or trail boots with ankle support are also a good idea to protect feet and ankles.

We have limited chest body protection pads to be used for small kids or ladies or any one that would need additional protection.

We also have limited military Head Helmets available for extra safety.

Does the sport attract people with paramilitary lunatic tendencies?

No not at all. (And any player with such tendencies would be sent away) Players from all walks of life play the sport, and all of them are here to have a good time and work off some stress